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The West Country boasts some of the most beautiful and historic countryside in England.

Here quaint villages are sometimes announced by the tall spires of their parish churches sighted in the distance, and at other times by an overshadowing medieval Norman castle.

The Royal Hotel is in the perfect location for a some of North Devon's best sights and activities.

Galili believes that the water in the wells gradually became contaminated with seawater, forcing the inhabitants to abandon their homes.Some scientists point to the apparent abandonment of Atlit Yam around the same time as further evidence that such a tsunami did indeed occur.Submerged settlements and shipwrecks have been found on the Carmel coast since 1960, in the wake of large-scale sand quarrying.The stunning views, peaceful tranquility and cobbled, traffic-free, high street of this fishing village, built into a cleft in a 400' high cliff, tumbles its way down past whitewashed cottages festooned with flowers to the tiny working port.The site of Atlit Yam has been carbon-dated to be between 89 years old (calibrated dates) and belongs to the final Pre-Pottery Neolithic B period. Underwater excavations have uncovered rectangular houses and a well.

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This is the domain of the legend of King Arthur and Queen Guinevere, and of Lorna Doone’s Exmoor—the beautiful wooded and heather-covered park where the red deer and wild ponies run free.