Courtly love vs modern dating

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A successful marriage was perceived as one that brought material advantages to the participants and their families.

As love was clearly unrelated to marriage the requirement for romance could be gained outside marriage - as long as the rules relating to chastity and fidelity were strictly adhered to.

But the practice of dating has transformed the nature of teenage sexuality. It robs a man of the inheritance of an unspoiled wife, and robs the institution of the family of its true foundation. It is naive to think that a woman is able to make decisions limiting sexual activity in an unsupervised context.

Dating is in direct contradiction of the following scriptures that admonish us to flee youthful lusts (Eph ; 2Tim ); flee fornication (1Cor ). It is naive to think that an invitation to a Bible study has no romantic connotations, or to think that any form of male/female touching is not sexual - a "touch" is sexual. The prevalence of date rape proves that it is impossible for a woman to guarantee she can say no, after one hour of introductory intimacy.

The violence and wars of the Middle Ages were tempered by the Rules of Courtly Love.

Our attitude to dating is not so much a matter of church policy but a matter of family government.

The romance of Courtly Love practised during the Middle Ages was combined with the Code of Chivalry.

Dating is part of the lie of the enemy that is ensnaring our young people.

Furthermore, there is no commitment beyond the next date; relationships (and thus marriage) are initiated out of a romantic attraction.

We are confronted with a massive predominance of amorality. It remains true that it is very unlikely that a girl will get pregnant if she does not go on a date.

And the world is passing away, and the lust of it; but he who does the will of God abides forever."Is dating morally neutral?

Is it just an innocent cultural expression; the way we do things in the west in the present century? " Jim West has defined a date as, "Any planned event involving a shared activity between a man and a woman" - one person asks the other to share in an activity, and a publicly recognizable pairing occurs.

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It was built on the premise of family introductions, and the focus was on the father's role in establishing a new family, hence the question in the marriage ceremony, "Who gives this woman away?

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