Dating for people with learning disabilities when it comes to gender differences and dating

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Dating for people with learning disabilities

For a small upgrade price, we also offer live audio and webcam video chat with our disabled members.

But I have dated men who were weaker in character than I am physically.

[There were] men who saw me as someone they could use for a green card or my money.

I even married a man I desperately loved, [who] immediately pressured me to apply for his green card and when he became impatient [waiting for it], emptied my bank account, maxed out my credit cards to the tune of ,000, bought a one-way ticket back to his home country with my credit card, and ransacked my apartment while I was in a deposition one day.

But many able-bodied daters may not know how to approach someone with a disability or what to avoid when asking a disabled person out. We talked to five people with disabilities and asked them about dating ups and downs, tips for other daters with disabilities, and what able-bodied people can do differently in relationships.

Here’s what they said: Name: Ariella Barker, 35City: Charlotte, North Carolina Disability: Spinal Muscular Atrophy Job: Attorney, former law professor, Ms. How she approaches disability and dating: In my opinion, we all have a disability in some way.

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