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Dating woman sda

The claims associated with his “discoveries” would make Harrison Ford’s “Indiana Jones” pale into oblivion.

Yet today, more than a decade after his death, the ongoing boasts of his unparalleled “finds” are heralded via the web site, and the various competing factions that publicize his exploits.

Supposedly, he discovered “chariot litter” in the form of wheels, body frames, and the bones of both humans and horses, scattered over a lengthy area.

Several things may be said of this claim (, 184ff).

Actually, the ninety-plus examples, touted by Wyatt and his followers, is a “house of cards” that falls under the weight of its own absurdity!

Specially designed underwater TV and video equipment was employed; in addition, more than 53,000 photos were taken.

And yet he had no scientific credibility at all with respectable scholars; he was and is adored only by a band of deluded, though devoted, cultic disciples.

In this brief review of the Standish brothers’ book, we offer two devastating examples of the hoaxes perpetrated by Ron Wyatt.

The remains of not a solitary person — neither skin nor bone — was found.

Everything had been completely consumed by fish, crustaceans, and the destructive effect of salt water (, 179ff).

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Ironically, the most thorough exposé of the gentleman’s claims was produced by two scholars of his own denomination, Russell R. Russell (who died in 2008) was a physician, hospital administrator, and a medical missionary; Colin is the founder and president of Hartland College in Virginia.

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