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Fitness and power for dating program

Seeing this chart can help your athlete realize that they may need to reevaluate their goals if they continue to miss workouts.

The gray on this chart equals planned duration, light colors are completed as planned, and the dark colors are completed over planned.

Furthermore by entering a Training Stress Score) into planned workouts a coach can forecast this information into the future to try to target the perfect taper.

Multisport coaches may wish to have a PMC setup for each sport type to see how each individual sport is contributing to the athletes overall fitness, fatigue, and form.

Below are some of my favorite charts, how they function, and why I find them valuable. I like to have one of these set up for completed duration for each of the last two seasons and the current season.

This gives me a macro view of how a multisport athlete has been distributing their training time from one season to the next.

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Looking at data over time can give you insight into the gains that an athlete has made over the season, show what is working and possibly what needs to be adapted.