Hottest dating show moments

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Hottest dating show moments

Best: Prince Tribute Number Three: Janelle Monáe Prince embraced the future-funk stylings of Janelle Monáe early in her career; at New Orleans Jazz Fest in April, she talked about how he once called up the head of BET to lobby for her inclusion on an awards-show bill.(She didn't specify whether or not the show in question was the 2010 BET Awards, where she tore through "Let's Go Crazy" to Prince's delight.) On Sunday, she decided to celebrate Prince's playful side, performing a medley of his more jubilant hits – the crazed "Delirious," the flirtatious "Kiss," the effervescent "Pop Life" and the pulse-quickening "I Would Die 4 U" – while clad in a white lace getup that recalled his outlandish Best: Prince Tribute Number Four: Sheila E.He treats every awards show performance like he's making a music video, and her performance of "No Limit" was no different, complete with a team of dudes throwing other dudes and a Young Thug cameo. Walking out under an umbrella's cover, he performed the simmering track "Lake by the Ocean," showcasing his precisely calibrated heat and silky charisma.

Best: The BET Awards Dump Trump With the night's tone effectively set by Beyoncé and Kendrick's incendiary performance of "Freedom," artists decided to speak up about the upcoming election and the importance of casting a vote. Jackson cautioned against getting "tricked like they got tricked in London." Co-host Tracee Ellis Ross slyly couched her Presidential endorsement in a championing of her single-woman status, crowing, "So basically, technically, what that means is I will be determining the next election. " The most pointed statement, perhaps, came from Usher; his "Don't Trump America" button-down, which he wore during his performance of "No Limit," was one of the night's hottest fashion items. The fact that she's not joining Salt-N-Pepa and Queen Latifah at the Worst: Fat Joe and Remy Ma Go Grindhouse It was good to see two-decade-plus Bronx vet Fat Joe and his onetime Terror Squad protégé Remy Ma earn a hard-won moment of redemption with the surprise comeback anthem "All The Way Up." But what was up with the Japanese swordsmen and geisha dancers that surrounded them on stage, turning the performance into a bizarre interpretation of an Abel Ferrara flick?Looking resplendent in a white fur coat and Kangol hat, Badu radiated cool as she sang the Purple One's quirky Joni Mitchell homage "The Ballad of Dorothy Parker." Bilal followed with a fairly respectful and somewhat staid delivery of "The Beautiful Ones" until he reached the climax of the centerpiece … Then Jennifer Hudson showed up to give "Purple Rain" some Broadway bombast, one of the most goosebump-raising moments of the evening.All the rough edges of the song were sanded off, all the rawness replaced with seasoned perfection.He switched the opening lyric to the mournful, "It's been seven hours and 66 days since you took your music away," but later lyrics were more pointed about pop's Prince-shaped void: "It's been so lonely without you here, unlike these records that don't have no soul," he sang at one point.Best: Desiigner Explodes There's not exactly any guarantee that Desiigner, a performer with literally one song on Spotify, will ever be on television ever again. "Panda" is, at best, a barely there trifle, so he went completely punk rock with it: Barely rapping the lyrics, excitedly running in the aisles, doing Jim Carrey-style mugging, yelling the one word chorus, moonwalking and throwing the mic up in the air like At the Drive-In.

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And as he dramatically emerged on an elaborately appointed stage overwhelmed by smoke, expectations were high for what should have been a breakout moment.