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) treating a wide variety of subjects that remind us of challenges we've faced in our past, those we face now, and those that await us in the near future.

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Translated by a team of both Sunni and Shiite scholars of Islam, this edition of the Quran also offers in-depth commentaries to help place the book’s more controversial passages into historical context, and to examine the Quran from multiple Islamic spiritual, theological, and legal perspectives.

Upon its publication in late 2015, the book sold out its first print run immediately — a rare feat for any book about religion.

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Ready Player One serves as a cautionary tale as it explores those implications through the characters’ relationships, their sense of identity, and the greed for power.

Six years in the making, The Study Quran is described by its editor-in-chief, Seyyed Hossein Nasr, as “a small contribution to unity in the Islamic world.” More importantly, it is also an opportunity for non-Muslims to understand the Quran in historical context.

The theme for this year's list is "What Can We Change in a Single Generation?

It's told through the eyes of people experiencing the American Revolution as they try to shape it to their own desires from their own perspectives.

More than just history, the musical brings forward questions of vital interest even today: The role of individuals and their relations to government, equality and opportunity in a land shaped by immigrants, the importance of family versus accomplishment, and basic questions about American democracy.

(For more information about Saru Jayaraman's work, including her Mario Savio Memorial Lecture in 2014, we invite you to visit UC Berkeley's #In This Gen pages.) In timely fashion, Ronald Rael, a professor in the Department of Architecture, takes on the subject of the border wall between the U. and Mexico in his accessible new book that Architect magazine has described as “intrepid” and multi-dimensional: “[p]art historical account, part theoretical appraisal, and part design manifesto.” Through a series of essays by Rael and other contributors that are sometimes practical, sometimes polemical, and sometimes satirical, the wall is examined for its multiple meanings not only from a design perspective, but also from an environmental, economic, and social one, reflecting on the way the wall not only stands as a symbol of security that divides people, but also as an object that has the potential to bring people together.

(For more about Professor Rael's work here at UC Berkeley, see Cal's #In This Gen pages.) The fantastic novel Ready Player One presents a world in which virtual reality technology becomes fully integrated with and inseparable from humankind’s lives.

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