Private erotic chats

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Private erotic chats

Operating the Patreon account is her full-time job.

Clients say they like the intimacy of supporting a model’s career, while models say Patreon’s paywall means their customers feel like real fans, rather than strangers hunting for nip-slips.

She makes most of her money — and spends most of her paid hours — as an erotic dancer.

Zamora first joined Patreon last fall, after realizing that her Etsy shop, where she sells clothing and erotic prints, wasn’t bringing in enough money to keep her afloat.

Eventually, Pay Pal reversed its stance in 2016, but many other platforms remain skittish about nudity.

A 28-year-old former production assistant in California, who hosts a clothes-free cooking show called says she decided to use Patreon after reading about its relatively lax position on NSFW content.

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For Zamora, Patreon acts as a cushion for income she’s already bringing in, and a way to build on a brand that has expanded more rapidly on other platforms.

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