Season 3 of dating rules from my future self

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Season 3 of dating rules from my future self

If the Iyaarans really didn't know any of that, they must have done a good deal of research on the topics, and must have rehearsed a lot.

In other words, there would have been no need for a live test.

Picard assigns Riker to tend to Byleth, but the Iyaaran insists on staying with Worf.

In the following, Byleth does everything to enrage the Klingon.

It turns out that Anna is not real and was a disguise of Voval, who is another ambassador.

When she's contacted by her future self with some advice about her approach to relationships, we're sent on a whirlwind adventure of following Chloe through her lessons in love and dating.

But, part of her behavior is basically a twentysomething trying to figure out what she wants from life. Ten years ago you were in high school and dating was probably pretty new. The first guy I really liked, he was my first kiss when I was 14 and he was 16 or 17. He was super nervous that his friends would make fun of him because I was a freshman.

I remember calling him out, telling him I deserved better -- a guy that wanted to be with me.

It is my impression that the events on the Enterprise were meant to be only the secondary plot.

But they make up for the contrived and tiresome main story with Picard and the alleged lonely human woman on the planet.

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Also, the Iyaarans are a spacefaring race with comparably advanced warp technology.

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