Single sex education and dating Virtual sex cam and chat games

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Single sex education and dating

Differences in the degree of selectivity on entry, the socio-economic background and ethnicity of students and the expertise of teachers between single sex and mixed schools made it hard to compare girls' schools with mixed schools, the study said.Rather than benefiting pupils, single sex education can harm children's ability to get on in life by reinforcing sexist stereotypes, the new report argued.But although girls' brains develop earlier and boys have more grey matter, neither of these features has been shown to impact on their ability to learn. Liben of Pennsylvania State University said: "There is not scientific evidence for positive effects of single-sex schooling.That's not to say that academic outcomes are definitively worse, but neither are they definitively better." The researchers highlighted a British study of girls' schools conducted in 2006, which found no conclusive evidence that single-sex teaching yields better results.

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